We’re hiring new and experienced Realtors!

We need a few good agents, here are our requirements:

  • Must be able to commit at least 1-2 hours a week to new leads.
  • Have reliable transportation.
  • Access to the internet.

You get:

  • Buyer leads generated and vetted right from our website (and referral partners).
  • Seller leads from our advertising campaigns.
  • A nice office to work from and meet clients at.

Why work at Reno Realty?

  • Amazing Benefits.

  • Reliable consistent 24/7 Broker Support.

  • A Fun, Inviting Workplace!

Amazing Benefits.

  • Free use of our lockboxes (a $100/box savings!).
  • Free use of our For Sale signs (includes a spot for your sign rider, a $100/sign savings!).
  • Free use of our Open House signs (easily a $100/sign savings!).
  • Free Copies, Printing & Coffee (within reason).
  • Free Email Marketing Campaigns (includes custom templates, design assistance, custom reports for your sellers! a $15/month savings!).
  • Free Website Hosting (already have a website? move it on to our servers for free, or run a custom wordpress website with us, it’s easy! $10/month savings!)
  • Free Fax to Email (including your own dedicated fax number, already have one? transfer it over and quit paying that monthly fee, $10/month savings!).
  • Free Email and Office software (Google Apps for Work!, want to keep your current email? we’ll set that up for you! Google Drive includes 25GB of cloud storage too!all this and more, a $10/month savings).
  • Free Office Work Station (need a quite place to work, a meeting place for you and your clients? We’ve got it, for free! a $50/month savings).
  • Free access to our Conference Rooms (impress your clients, bring them to our board room to negotiate their next deal!).
  • Free Office Phone Line with a dedicated phone number and Voicemail 2 Email (Plus call forwarding, find me/follow me and more, a $29.99/month savings!).
  • Running a business is expensive, luckily we’ve been able to negotiate great rates on some pretty awesome technology. All the above services alone would run you at least $124.99/month not to mention those additional listing expenses of lockboxes, signs, listing flyer’s, open house signs! You’d have to invest a minimum of $325/listing just to get going on 1 listing! Save your money!!! $65/month and you’re in business!

Reliable consistent 24/7 Broker Support.

Ever wish your Broker kept the same availability of your Doctor’s office? Someone on call 24/7 and an emergency room you could go to when you are really sick? Well, here at Reno Realty, we’ve got you covered! Our agents enjoy 24/7 access to brokers and managers, have a question at 10pm? Hop on Google Hangouts and fire away or shoot us a text! If it’s urgent give us a call! Sometimes waiting is the worst idea, we realize this and we’re here to answer questions and keep you out of trouble!

A Fun, Inviting Workplace!

We know you love what you do! But we also know if you didn’t have to, you probably wouldn’t work! So we try to make working as fun as possible, with weekly sales/achievment meetings, regular company volunteer events, broker dinners and community involvement we’re your family while you’re away from home, come back to Reno and join our family.

For a confidential interview, contact us today.


Success Mentoring and Valuable Training.

What is success mentoring? Well, when was the last time your broker closed a deal? Our broker’s are working broker’s, we’re in the trenches fighting through the competition just like you everyday. Over the years we’ve learned a thing or two, heck probably in the past few hours too! What it means to be successful in real estate is the ability to pivot, be flexible and adapt to change as the market changes. Want to learn about Short Sales, maybe become a REO/Bank Owned Listing Agent or ever wondered about working with a developer in new home sales? We’ve done it all and we’ll guide you to success through clear and consistent mentoring.

All agents know that they have to take CE classes to stay licensed. Typically time gets in the way and we all end up taking classes just to get credit and we don’t really learn anything new. We’ll make this a little better, we coordinate and offer classes around town all year long, ensuring that you stay on top of your continuing education while learning a new thing or two. In addition, at each weekly sales meeting we’ll cover some form of a training exercise to keep your mind fresh!

A Reinvigorated Marketing Approach.

It is a jungle out there, constantly fighting through the muck to get to that secret sauce that gets your the buyers and sellers easily. Unfortunately, this isn’t going to happen and while tools like Zillow and are very useful, they aren’t the means to the end of your marketing efforts. Top of mind and sphere of influence are a time tested and proved practical marketing approach. By using our reinvigorated approach to this time tested golden marketing technique, you’ll learn how to adapt to the ever changing real estate game ensuring you stay successful as the market continues to change.

Your Business Comes First, we guide you there.

Our team will help you build your client base, showing you how to field that sphere of influence and farm. But every good agent needs a business plan, something most of us lack, here at Reno Realty we’ll help you build that plan and hold accountability meetings to make changes and review your success.

Cutting Edge Technology engineered just for us.

Let’s face it, technology is traveling pretty fast and with the invention of a new iPhone every single year, it can be hard to keep up! Here at Reno Realty, we’ve employed some of the smartest minds to build a software platform that works. Through a combination of some existing paid applications as well as some proprietary we’ve build a cost effective solution that will allow you to focus on your business and leave the technology to us.

  • Our flagship website receives hundreds of thousands of visits each year. With thousands of active listings, dynamically changing content and consumer focused content, your buyers and sellers will enjoy using our website as a tool, in turn translating into your success.
  • Several times each week, we’ll feature new content about local developments, news and market statistics. This has cultivated a following of local residents, we encourage every agent to write for our blog as this allows you the opportunity to become an expert in the local community and keeps you as a top of mind candidate for prospective clients in the community.
  • Markmail Our exclusive/proprietary online platform (developed by REDOTI) allows our agents to send marketing emails (in the masses), ensure transaction compliance (never forget a document for your file!) and works side by side with the local MLS to provide you with data for your Sellers, scheduling and mapping of your showings. Markmail, like the name suggests, also provides tools for your direct mailers for your farm area and sphere of influence! You can also access office phone and fax portals, making changes and keeping track of calls and faxes!

Advanced Relocation & Referrals

Our exclusive partnership with Renown Real Estate Services allows us to accept nationwide referrals, including relocations and referrals from outside sales agents. This sophisticated channel allows our agents the opportunity to work referrals from all over the country. In additional this network also allows you the opportunity to earn referrals for each client you have that is relocating somewhere else within the USA!

1 in 10 or 1 in 100?

Some of our friends at other brokerages often boast about having a plethora of offices, hundreds of agents they employ and the money these agents bring them. That just isn’t our style, we’re your hometown broker, born and raised in Reno and with a small broker to agent ratio, our goal is to make every agent as successful as possible, it isn’t about the quantity it is the quality! Quite frankly, any broker trying to sell you based on the size of their office is forgetting an important thing, real estate is competitive and the more agents in your office, the more interoffice competition you will create. Who doesn’t like competition? Well, when you are 1 in 100 and you’re constantly watching your back to prevent fellow agents in your office from snaking your clients and leads, it might make more sense. Residential real estate is personal and most often your clients are relatives, friends or an extension of those, working for a company claiming major dominance is going to help them grow in agent count, but probably not help you grow in success.

Top Tier Management

At the end of the day, it is comforting to know that we’re here working in the background to ensure your success. As your management team, we listen to our agents, constantly upgrading services and ensuring that our agents are taken care of. Your success is our goal!


What to expect at your interview:

Just about every real estate brokerage offers you 3 guarantees:

1. They are #1 at everything they do.

2. They are the best and work beside only the best.  

3. They have the best technology and it is revolutionary.

While every Broker is entitled to their own opinion, obviously not every brokerage is the best at everything. But let’s get real, you want to work for the best and at Reno Realty we want to work with you. Here’s what makes us different and why we’re not only a great company, but also the best fit for you.




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